Choosing Right Recruitment Agency: Quick Guide You Must Read

recruitment agency selection

An ultimate guide on choosing right recruitment agency to hire the best candidates for your company.

Despite the enormous advances in communications technologies, most businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to hire suitable staff. Drop off the weight of hiring and handover this task to a recruitment agency.

Recruiting candidates can be a real struggle and also takes a huge amount of time and many firms do not have that much time. During recruitment, employers have to go through many applications and shortlist the best candidate for the job among them. To ease this burden, select the best consultancy agency.

A recruitment agency will act as a mediator between the employer and the candidate. Given below are some points that you should look for when choosing a reputable recruitment agency in Delhi.

1. Existence Auditing

Make sure the recruitment agency actually exists! Look it up online for reviews or pay them a visit personally. Many frauds operate under the mask of a recruiter for quick money. You can check their ‘contact us’ page to make sure they have a physical address.

2. Professional Ethics

Look for an agency that is willing to listen to your needs, specific requirements, and everything else you are looking for in a candidate. Make sure they understand your business and your company’s culture. After all, you will only be a satisfied client once your position is filled.

3. Go for Quality

Be aware of consultant agencies that send you a large number of CVs shortly after agreement. More is less here, it is as if you are going to have the screening and shortlisting all over again. It is quality you are looking after and not quantity.

4. Ask for Portfolio

If you are seeking senior or executive Delhi candidates, make sure the recruitment agency you select has a previous history with executive-level positions, offers executive search, as well as headhunting services.

5. Vacant Desk

If your vacant positions require candidates with specific industry experience, go for a recruitment agency with existing clients in that same field.

6. Authenticity

Select an agency that is serious about conducting a reference check. Training new employees take time and money, by working with someone who conducts regular reference checks, you are avoiding finding out later on any information your candidate has retained or misplaced on its resume, it also verifies the skills and experiences your candidate has.

7. Agreement

Ensure that the terms by the job consultancy are clear, understandable and that you have read it carefully. Also, the contract agreement is signed by both sides.

8. Ask for Plus Point

Reputable agencies often offer a free replacement guarantee to a placed candidate who failed to survive the probation period. That is always a plus!

Finally, pick the agency that is confident enough to not ask for up-front fees, keeping yourself on the safe side where you only pay for the service upon successful placement.

Hiring is something that every company has to go through but only a few seem to do it effectively. So when it comes to making such an important decision, it is best to have an experienced team by your side to shortlist and carry on other procedures to make sure you have a successful placement. If you have not partnered up with a recruitment agency, you can contact om sai agency, these guys are the best manpower consultancy that I came across with.