Free Resources of Interview Preparation Websites to Crack Job in 2022

interview preparation

List of best 10 interview preparation websites, which helps you to crack an interview in this year.

Job hunting is the first step in the process of getting a new job, but how exactly can you prepare for an interview that will help you get the new career that you desire.

Where the level of interview ranges from easy and moderate to be difficult, it is wise to prepare for it before you sit for one. You might have come across several preparation guides and handbooks to help you prepare for the upcoming interviews. To help you find the pearl amidst the numerous sea shells around you, we have curated a list of top websites for interview preparation.

We have brought 10 job interview websites to help you prepare for the interview. Hope these will be useful.

1. LeetCode

Is a mixture of a job board along with a community of people who share their interview experiences from different fields so that you can get a feel for what types of questions you may get when you go in, and what sort of answers work best.

Visit Website: LeetCode

2. CareerCup

With a career cup ever-growing catalogue of articles on just about every subject, it’s not surprising they have a section dedicated to job interviews. They have suggested answers for numerous questions, tips on sending thank you letters, tips for your resume and more.

Visit Website: CareerCup

3. Hacker Rank 

Hacker Rank is totally dedicated to about every aspect of the job hunt you can think of. Their interview section has important notes on things such as do’s & don’ts, the touchy area of salary negotiations, an interview checklist and more.

Visit Website: HackerRank

4. Spoj

The popular mainstream job hunting site offers numerous tips on all aspects of the application and interview process, tips on marketing yourself, how to promote your hidden job skills and more.

Visit Website: Spoj

5. InterviewBuddy

Offers advice on what to do if you don’t get a job offer after multiple interviews, a cheat sheet to keep notes on your interview as well as what you wore so you don’t repeat an outfit, sample cover letters and more.

Visit Website: InterviewBuddy

6. Pramp

Pramp job search site offers numerous tips on how to prepare, how to present yourself, follow up on the interview, even how to handle an interview over a meal and more.

Visit Website: Pramp

7. Fresherslive

Fresherslive has various questions along with many aptitude tests to help you get ready for the interview questions. You can also see the scoreboard for your evaluation and to know where you stand in a particular section.

Visit Website: FreshersLive

8. IndiaBix

The well-known job search site also offers quizzes you can use to see how ready you are for various aspects of your job hunt as well as a random job interview question generator.

Visit Website: IndiaBix

9. AmbitionBox

Is a site dedicated to preparing you for your job hunt with over 3,500 pages of free career advice? They have a large section dedicated to what to expect from the interview process and how best to prepare for it.

Visit Website: AmbitionBox

10. GeekForGeeks

Specially designed for Computer Science students to help them be ready for the interviews, this website contains various articles to help you understand the programming interview question. You can also look for previous year’s interview questions that would give you an idea of what type of questions recruiters ask.

Visit Website: GeekForGeeks

Preparing for the interviews takes time. Interviews will always be a part of your career. These websites will help you save time and also boost your confidence in your life. We hope our list of websites pulls you out of the mess and directs you towards bagging your dream job.